About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of experienced group of licensed accountants. We stand on professional ground complimented with service orientation. We allocate the resource handling clients per business type such as :

  • Trading
  • Manufacturing
  • Service
  • Real Estate
  • Construction

Our structure composes of account executives taking care of clients separating by business type, one is Trading & Manufacturing including Service, and the other group is Construction and Real Estate.

We have four Senior Executive Accounts and one Executive Account taking clients as mentioned above. An Auditor who is in charge as Financial Advisor in taxation, Accounting System, MIS, including regulations relating to business and a Lawyer who taking area of Legal and Regulations other than business as well as Property Valuation.

You can see how healthy our team is. Each of us is knowledgeable, equipped with experienced plus having stood on service orientation ground we are surely serve you professionally with service-minded.


Our Team

Ms. Boonya Suphavarodom
BA –Accounting, Thammasat University 2523
BS – Opreations Management. & MS – Economics, Portland State U. 2528 & 2530
Graduate Diploma – Property Valuation, Thammasat University, 2550


Auditor / Financial & Tax Advisor
Mr. Sutee Tantivanichchanon, Ph.D. Candidate
BA Accounting, Laws Assumption U. & Thammasat U, 2530 & 2550
MS- Accounting & MIS Asuumption U., 2538 & 2542
Certified Public Auditor (CPA)
Ph.D. in Finance (Candidate), Asian Institute Of Thailand (AIT), 2009


Lawyer / Property Appraisor
Mr. Nopnathat Limlikit-aksorn,
BA -Laws, Ramkamhaeng U. , 2526
Graduate Diploma – Property Valuation,
Thammasat University, 2550


Senior Account Executive
Ms. Ratchaneewan Chanchula
BA Accounting, Ramkamhaeng University , 2544


Senior Account Executive
Ms. Nataporn Thadlai
BA Accounting, Ramkamhaeng University


Senior Account Executive
Ms. Thitirat Kijraksa
BA – Economic, Ramkamhaeng University , 2532


Senior Account Executive
Ms. Panee Suporn
BA Accounting, Thai Commercial University , 2537


Account Executive
Mr. Thanarak Sritawat
Higher Professional Education, 2510